Ticket information

All Tickets for the UEFA Women's EURO 2013 will be available for sale at ticnet.se!

Ticket release: February 14

Tickets come in three different price categories. Ticket prices remain the same throghout the diffrent stages of the competion:

Please Note! Prices in euros are for indication purposes only

Single tickets:

Category 1 ~23.00 EUR
Category 2 ~17.00 EUR
Category 3 ~11.50 EUR

Youth tickets, up to 16 years old:

All Categories ~5.75 EUR

"Follow Your Team: Group Phase"-ticket (3 group stage matches)

The Follow Your Team group phase tickets can be acquired for all group stage matches for the sam national team at a 25% discounted price. This product is available in the 3 price categories and suitable for our foreign supporters.

Category 1 ~52.00 EUR
Category 2 ~39.00 EUR
Category 3 ~26.00 EUR

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ (PDF-dokument, 387 kB)