1. Scope

The following Final Tournament of the UEFA European Women's Championship™ 2011/2013 Ticketing Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions") are designed to ensure a fair, correct and efficient process for the purchase and use of Tickets to the UEFA Women's EURO 2013. The sale and use of such Tickets are subject to the following Terms and Conditions and any other applicable laws or regulations (as defined below under "Regulations") pertaining to the access and usage of the UEFA Women's EURO 2013 Stadiums.

2. Definitions

Applicant means any individual with legal capacity to apply for Tickets for the UEFA Women's EURO 2013 in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Application Form means the document submitted by an Applicant online in order to be considered for Tickets.

Agencies means any outlet of Ticnet AB, Sankt Eriksgatan 60, Box 6639, 113 84 Stockholm.

Guest means an individual for whom the Applicant may apply for Tickets (or to whom he may transfer such Tickets) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Match means any match of the final tournament of the UEFA Women's EURO 2013.

Regulations means, without limitation, the terms of the following:
• Laws and regulations of Sweden,
• Stadium Regulations, and/or
• UEFA and SvFF Statutes and Regulations.

Stadium means the entire premises of the stadiums in which the Matches will be played, including all areas which require a Ticket to gain access, as well as the immediate vicinity of such areas.

SvFF means the Swedish Football Association, which is responsible for implementing the organisation of the UEFA Women's EURO 2013 in Sweden and whose registered office is located at Evenemangsgatan 31 A, 171 23 Solna, Sweden.

Ticket means a ticket giving right of entrance to the UEFA Women's EURO 2013 in accordance with the information stated thereon.

Ticket Holder means any individual holding a Ticket.

Ticket Portal the platform on which Applicants can apply for the Tickets at .

UEFA means the Union des associations européennes de football, with offices at Route de Genève 46, 1260 Nyon 2, Switzerland.

UEFA Women's EURO 2013 means the Final Tournament of the UEFA European Women's Championship™ 2011/2013 to be held in Sweden the 10 to 28 July 2013.


3. Purchasing of Tickets

3.1. Tickets will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Subject to availability, Tickets may be obtained through the following distribution channels:

a. Online via the Ticket Portal from 14 February 2013 until kick off of the selected Match. Applications made outside of these times will not be processed. Only Application Forms that are fully completed by the Applicant will be processed. Failure to complete the Application Form correctly will result in the application being rejected;

b. Via Agencies from 14 of February 2013 until the day of the Final. Further information regarding location and opening hours can be found on

c. At the respective Stadiums' ticketing offices. Further information regarding location and opening hours at the respective Stadiums' can be found by contacting the respective venues.

d. Via Ticnet AB call center (phone: +46 (0) 77 – 170 70 70)

3.2. Each Applicant may apply for a maximum of six (6) Tickets per Match in one (1) price category. All requests exceeding this quota will be invalid and will be rejected. Any duplicate or multiple applications made by an Applicant will be rejected. UEFA, the SvFF and their agents reserve the right to cancel or reject any application at their sole discretion. False applications may be subject to civil and criminal sanctions. Larger groups wanting to attend Matches must contact the SvFF directly.

3.3. Applicants acknowledge and confirm that they are aware that seats may not be allocated together in the same section of the Stadium.

3.4. Neither UEFA nor the SvFF are liable for any damages sustained as a result of the Applicant's incorrect entry of information, any technical malfunctions of the Internet, any failure of computer hardware or software, or any lost, incomplete or illegible applications (unless resulting from the fault or gross negligence of UEFA or the SvFF).

3.5. When submitting an Application Form and/or when purchasing Tickets through the Agencies or any of the Stadiums' ticketing offices, Applicants shall review the Terms and Conditions, which can be found on and which will be available for review at the Agencies and Stadiums' ticketing offices. Each person who purchases the Tickets is bound and shall comply with the Ticketing Terms and Conditions.

3.6. UEFA and/or the SvFF shall set Ticket prices and may organise sales promotions at their sole discretion.


4. Allocation of Tickets

4.1. Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, and will be always subject to availability. In relation to online sales via the Ticket Portal, confirmation of a successful application will be immediate and a confirmation email will be sent to the Applicant following successful payment.

4.2. A limited number of wheelchair seating Tickets shall be available for those who are unable to attend a Match without a wheelchair due to a disability. Additionally a complimentary Ticket will be provided for an accompanying person to attend the Match with the person in a wheelchair. The number and location of the seats depend on the configuration of each Stadium. These tickets have to be bought via the respective Stadiums' ticketing offices or via Ticnet AB call center (phone: +46 (0) 77 – 170 70 70).

5. Payment and Distribution of the Tickets

5.1. Payment for Tickets bought via the Ticket Portal can only be made using a valid credit card (detailed information regarding accepted credit cards can be found on the Ticket Portal), or by way of internet banking up until the kick-off of the selected Match.

5.2. Purchases of Tickets made at the Stadiums and via the Agencies may be made using cash or a valid credit card (detailed information regarding accepted credit cards can be found on the Ticket Portal).

5.3. All payments shall be made in Swedish Krona (SEK). The total amount due shall include value added tax (VAT) and any applicable delivery and/or administrative charges, the cost of which shall be clearly stated during the process of each application.

5.4. Sufficient funds must be available in order to purchase the Tickets. Failure to make the full payment shall entitle UEFA or the SvFF to cancel the allocated Tickets and re-allocate them to another Applicant.

5.5. All sales are final upon receipt of payment. Ticket Holders cannot elect to return or exchange Tickets for which a payment has been made without the prior written approval of the SvFF.

5.6. Where timescales allow and an Applicant has requested delivery via post, Tickets will be dispatched within three to five (3-5) working days by express courier to the delivery address of the Applicant as stated on the Application Form submitted to UEFA and the SvFF via the Ticket Portal.

5.7. Where an Applicant has requested to collect the Tickets at the Stadium or at any Agency, the confirmation email will act as a Ticket voucher. It should be printed out and presented in person, along with a personal ID document including a picture, by the successful Applicant or one of his Guests at the Stadium ticketing office or Agency to be exchanged against the pre-paid Tickets. Tickets can be collected by the Applicant or their Guests from the day of purchase until one hour before kick-off on the day of the Match at the corresponding Stadium ticketing office or at any Agency.

5.8. Duplicate Tickets will not be issued under any circumstance. In any event, neither UEFA nor the SvFF shall be held liable for any Ticket loss or late delivery caused by malfunction or interruption of mail services or incomplete or inaccurate personal information or addresses provided on the Application Form which are not attributable to the fault or gross negligence of UEFA or the SvFF.

5.9. Upon request, Applicants shall provide the name, passport or national identity number and address details of themselves and any guests. Applicants shall be fully and unconditionally responsible for ensuring that their Guests understand, agree to and comply with these Terms and Conditions, and any other applicable laws or regulations.


6. Entrance

6.1. Entrance to the Stadium shall only be authorised upon presentation of a complete and valid Ticket per person and, upon request, a proof of identity with photograph and valid signature. Ticket Holders leaving the Stadium shall not be re-admitted.

6.2. Children (age 0 to 14) attending the UEFA Women's EURO 2013 must be accompanied by an adult over eighteen (18) years of age and must be in possession of a valid Match Ticket.

6.3. So far as is possible pursuant to applicable law, neither UEFA nor the SvFF (including their respective representatives and agents) will be liable for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to the Ticket Holder. The possession of a Ticket shall constitute unconditional acceptance by the Ticket Holder of these Terms and Conditions and imply an undertaking on the part of the Ticket Holder to observe and comply with them. In the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Ticket Holder, UEFA and the SvFF (including their representatives and agents), reserve the right to cancel the Ticket Holder's Tickets and retain the money paid therefore.

6.4. Entrance to the Stadium will be refused to any person noticeably under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance, or to any person behaving or who is likely to behave violently, harmfully or contrary to public order. Any such persons who do gain access to the Stadium shall be expelled. In such circumstances no refunds or compensation will be given. Ticket Holders agree to submit to any control and screening tests in accordance with any instructions given by security staff and any applicable laws.

6.5. Both UEFA and the SvFF have the right to strictly enforce these Terms and Conditions and the Regulations. All Tickets remain the property of UEFA and, except as set out in Article 6.7, are not transferable. In case of any breach of these Terms and Conditions, Tickets shall be voided, access to the Stadium will be denied to such breaching Ticket Holders and the Tickets shall, upon request of UEFA or the SvFF (or any of its duly authorized representatives present at the Stadium), be delivered to the SvFF.

6.6. Applicants shall purchase the Tickets exclusively for their own personal use and for their Guests personal use, as applicable. Any other use is prohibited. Applicants shall not purchase Tickets as an agent for any other person.

6.7. Applicants shall retain one (1) Ticket exclusively for their own personal use and shall transfer the remaining Tickets to his/her guests for their personal use, provided however that such transfer shall not be for a price which exceeds the face value of such Ticket plus any pro-rated administrative charges as described in these Terms and Conditions. Except as provided in the preceding sentence, Ticket Holders may not sell, offer for sale, auction by any means (whether alone or with other items), resell or otherwise transfer the Tickets without the prior written approval of UEFA and the SvFF.

6.8. Applicants declare that they and their Guests have reviewed, understood, agreed with and will conform to these Terms and Conditions.

6.9. Each Ticket Holder acknowledges and agrees that any person found selling or otherwise disposing of the Tickets without the express authorisation of UEFA and the SvFF will be reported to the authorities.

6.10. Applicants, by submitting their application, acknowledge and agree that Tickets are issued subject to any applicable local laws and any regulations or rules in force at the Stadium for the Match.


7. Conduct at the Stadium

7.1. For the purpose of maintaining safety and security all persons attending the Match shall, if requested by police, stewards, safety personnel, and/or any other duly authorised persons, co-operate at any time (if so requested) in respect of:

a. handing over for verification a valid Ticket and photographic proof of identity;

b. submitting to inspections, body checks and removal of unauthorised objects; and

c. complying with the instructions and guidelines of all such personnel.

7.2. No person shall enter or attempt to enter, the Stadium whilst under the influence, or in possession of, whilst using, holding or attempting to bring without limitation the following items:

a. all weapons, regardless of type, and all objects that can be used as such;

b. all objects, materials or substances likely to pose a threat to safety, public order, or to disrupt the Match, or cause injury to persons or damage to goods;

c. projectiles of any kind such as bolts, pieces of wood or metal, stone, glass, cans, bottles (whether filled with combustible substances or not), prohibited containers which are, or were, capable of holding liquid and which, if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person;

d. flammable or explosive substances, liquids and gasses, fireworks or flares of any kind;

e. alcoholic beverages, drugs, narcotics, stimulants or similar substances;

f. banners or other signs or material bearing offensive, malicious, provocative, political or racial or sectarian text or messages and any commercial/promotional materials;

g. flags, flagpoles, banners, badges, headgear, inflatable items, or symbols likely to disrupt order and safety or to impair visibility of other spectators;

h. animals – except guide dogs (upon prior authorisation obtained from the SvFF);

i. promotional and commercial objects and materials of whatever nature, including but not limited to documents, leaflets, brochures, apparel, badges, signs, symbols, banners or similar; or

j. other objects identified by police, stewards, safety personnel and/or any other duly authorised persons, which may affect security, public health, public order and/or the reputation of UEFA and/or the SvFF.

7.3. Whilst inside the Stadium no person shall:

a. throw, cast, thrust or set on fire any objects;

b. act in a violent or disruptive way or in any way incite violence, racism, sectarianism or xenophobia which may affect security, public health, public order and/or the reputation of UEFA and/or the SvFF;

c. express national, political, religious, ethnic and/or racial ideas or pursuits;

d. create any threat to the life or safety of himself/herself or others, or harm another person in any way whatsoever;

e. climb lighting masts, fences, roofs, dug-outs, and any other apparatus or constructions, or stand on seats;

f. stand on the pitch or area around the pitch at any time;

g. stand within viewing areas of the Stadium;

h. smoke within the Stadium;

i. move from one sector to another, if this movement is not permitted;

j. cause injury to persons or damage to any objects at any time; or

k. remain at the Stadium longer than for the duration of the Match and immediately following the Match, or enter, block or otherwise use areas meant to be used in the event of any danger, such as emergency exits, entrances, stairs, landings etc.


8. Commercial Activity

8.1. Tickets may not be used for any commercial purposes such as, without limitation, for promotion, advertising, use as a prize in a competition or sweepstake, or as part of a hospitality or travel package (for example combining flights, hotel and Tickets) without the prior written approval of UEFA and the SvFF.

8.2. No person at the Stadium may conduct any promotional or commercial activity, including transmitting of Match results, statistics or other data, without the prior written approval of UEFA.

8.3. Any person at the Stadium is strictly prohibited from using, possessing or holding goods with promotional or commercial aims, as well as offering to sell, selling or possessing goods with intents to sell such drinks, food, souvenirs, Tickets, clothes, promotional and/or commercial items. All such items may be removed or temporarily confiscated by police and/or by stewards and/or any other duly authorised persons.

9. Sound and Image Recordings

9.1. Any person attending the Match acknowledges that use may be made, free of charge, of his/her voice, image and likeness by means of live or recorded video display, broadcast or other transmission or recording, photographs or any other current and/or future media technologies.

9.2. Any person attending the Match is prohibited from recording and/or transmitting any sound, image and/or description of the Stadium or the Match (as well as any result and/or statistics of the Match) other than for private use. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to disseminate over the internet, radio, television or any other current and/or future media, any sound, image, description, result or statistics of the Match in whole or in part, or assist any other person(s) conducting such activities.

10. Non Compliance with these Terms and Conditions and Regulations

10.1. Any Ticket Holders whose actions are inconsistent with, or whose Tickets have not been obtained in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will be refused entry to the Stadium or expelled from the Stadium with no right to refund and the relevant Tickets will be cancelled. Ticket Holders shall be obliged, upon request, to give an explanation as to how, from whom and from where their Tickets have been obtained.

10.2. UEFA and the SvFF reserve all other legal rights.

11. Unauthorised Spectators

11.1. Individuals banned from attending football matches by the competent authorities or sports governing bodies are prohibited from applying for and purchasing Tickets. If this situation occurs, such persons will be refused entry to the Stadium or expelled from the Stadium with no right to refund and the relevant Tickets will be cancelled. Other sanctions are reserved.

12. Indemnification

12.1. Applicants and their Guests are responsible for the use of all Tickets allocated to them and shall indemnify and hold UEFA and the SvFF harmless from and against all damages and liabilities suffered or incurred in connection with, resulting from or arising out of a breach of these Terms and Conditions and the Regulations.

13. Data Protection

13.1. Applicants acknowledge and agree that the personal data provided by them and contained in the Application Form is collected, stored and used by the SvFF and its agents. Applicants purchasing the Tickets shall consent to their personal data being processed for the purposes of the organisation and running of the Match (in particular in connection with the Ticket sales and/or any relevant safety and security measures).

14. Unforeseen Circumstances

14.1. The SvFF and UEFA reserve the right to make alterations to the time, date and location of the Matches due to unforeseen extraordinary circumstances: force majeure, safety and/or security reasons or other decisions made by any competent authority which have an impact on any of the Matches being played at the Stadiums.

14.2. In the event of cancellation, abandonment, postponement or replaying of any Match the Applicant will be bound by the terms and conditions established in due course by the SvFF and/or UEFA for any refunds of the Tickets purchased by the Applicant provided however that any refunds may be made only to the Applicant and not their guest and only up to the face value of the Tickets purchased by such Applicant.

15. Severability and Amendments

15.1. In the event that any provisions of these Terms and Conditions are declared void, ineffective or unenforceable by any competent court or authority, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect as if such void, ineffective or unenforceable provisions had not been contained.

15.2. Within the limits of the applicable law, UEFA and the SvFF reserve the absolute right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time in order to ensure proper and safe staging of the Matches at the Stadiums. The Applicant will be notified of such changes if they materially affect the Applicant's rights as a consumer. Updated versions shall be available on the Ticket Portal and, upon request, from the SvFF at the address set out in Article 2.

16. Authentic Text

16.1. These Terms and Conditions have been drafted in English and translated into Swedish. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and translated texts, the English text shall prevail.

17. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

17.1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Sweden.

17.2. All disputes arising from or related to these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by the competent court in Stockholm, Sweden. Nevertheless, UEFA and the SvFF reserve the right to pursue any legal proceedings in the competent courts at the defendant's domicile.

18. Information

18.1. Any information requests should be addressed to the customer service representative appointed by the SvFF in relation to the ticketing process for the

UEFA Women's EURO 2013:

By phone to:
Ticnet AB (English and Swedish language spoken).
Within Sweden: 077-170 70 70
Outside Sweden: +46 (0) 77 – 170 70 70
Working hours: 8h00 - 20h00 Monday to Friday

For all other information please visit